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Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest, are used by a vast number of people, and we recommend your brand to be present on these channels. Social media campaigns offer brands an unique opportunity to interact with their consumers. We craft social media campaigns that connect brands with consumers on an emotional level. Our mission is to find the right approach and deliver both creative assets and measurable results. We also believe it’s not how many people follow your brand on social media channels, but how many of them are engaging with it on a consistent basis as those are the people who share your content consistently, buy your products and services and drive sales.

Social Media Strategy

Personalized content solutions for all channels

Do you want to use Social Media Strategy and change the way you do business, but you don’t know what you have to do to get the best results? Nesco will take a look at your current business structure and do a full analysis of what’s missing and recommend a clear direction for your current or new brand.

Social Media Management

Interact with your existing customers and attract new prospects

We create and manage Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, and ensure that your brand maintains constant contact with its public and continuously grows. By monitoring all Social Media environments where your company is present, you can get a global overview of the evolution of your brand

Content creation

Attract, capture and keep your audience’s interest

In a market flooded with content (text, images, video) you’ll be able to differentiate yourself through communication based on relevance, humanity, and creativity. Social Media gives you the chance to shine in front of your costumers, and for this, you need to provide innovative approaches and consistent content, original concepts and new perspectives on things. We provide effective and truly unique copywriting and design services.

Reporting and monitoring

Monitoring efficiency

We set the KPIs at the beginning of the process and periodically you’ll receive comprehensive reports on activities, results, and impact. Additionally, we provide charts that will make the process easy to understand at a glance.


Efficient targeting

With more than 1.86 billion registered users, Facebook is the largest social media network with an exceptional targeting opportunity. Our Facebook marketing services involve Facebook page optimization, running advertising campaigns through Facebook and Instagram Ads offering new and relevant content to your audience.

Campaign setting

We’ll start by setting the campaign type, targeting the right audience, creating the most creative and compelling ads, setting the budget, performance, and scalability.

Ad creation

A picture paints a thousand words. We’ll help you get your message across through creative graphics, motion banners, and original and compelling texts.

Facebook Remarketing

When used properly, retargeting is powerful and converts window-shoppers into buyers. With retargeting we’ll display ads only to people who have already visited your website site and performed a significant action (visited a page, added a product to cart, spent less than 30 seconds on the site etc.) to convince them to return to your site.

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

  • Checking daily the campaign performance and adjusting the metrics so that the advertising campaign is optimized for costs and results.
  • Checking ads and create new ads for A / B testing in order to improve the campaign.
  • Adjusting and changing the budget based on performance.
  • Checking the users’feedback by tracking the number of likes, comments, and the ad’s relevance score

Instagram Ads

Your campaigns must be memorable and enhance lives. Generate visual excitement and communicate with a much more sensitive and attentive to details audience to become a sought and appreciated brand. We plan and deliver Instagram Ads campaigns that will win the hearts of your current and future customers and help you achieve your goals.

Google Adwords

Be present in your customers’ online searches.

Through multiple targeting ways you can get immediate sales, attract new customers, gain awareness. We strongly believe that Google Adwords is the street where your shop should be .

Campaign setup

Google Adwords

Text ads displayed to customers who use the search engine to find solutions to their needs.

Google Display Network

Banners and text ads displayed on relevant websites for promoting.

Google Remarketing

Display of graphic banners specially designed to re-attract previous visitors who perhaps abandoned a shopping basket, or who browsed some product pages but then left the site for elsewhere,and didn’t complete the desired action.

Youtube Ads

Display of graphic banners on Youtube, in videos and on their homepage by selecting only the most relevant clips for promoting.

Youtube Video Ads

Display of video ads on YouTube clips by selecting only the relevant categories for promoting.

Email marketing

A fast, efficient and friendly way to communicate with your target audience

Using email marketing we can create targeted campaigns that will help increase your conversion rate.

E-mail Marketing Strategy

A strategic plan will allow you to make sure that the objectives of the Email marketing campaign match your business goals and not miss the opportunities. Our consultants will draw the best email marketing strategies that fit your business and improve ROI.

Crafting design and content

An e-mail with an excellent template significantly increases the clarity and credibility of information, which leads to an increased ROI. Based on your needs and those of your customers, our designers will identify the key aspects for the success of the campaign, and our copywriters will create relevant content or key messages. We design the HTML email to be optimally displayed on any device, in any environment.

Tracking & Reporting

We monitor the effectiveness of the campaign – the number of emails opened, deleted, forwarded. Also, we provide reports and graphs to help you understand different aspects of email marketing campaign.

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